MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Specialization - Hospital Administration and Health Care Management (HAHM)
  • MBA in Hospital Administration and Health Care Management:

  • MBA in Hospital Administration and Health Care Management is one of the growing and preferable management programs for students who want to attain advanced business management skills prerequisite to efficiently manage and modulate complex hospital and healthcare systems. This industry is evolving at a fast pace, and adept professionals like healthcare managers and hospital administrators play a vital role in running hospital and healthcare facilities systematically. That’s why DY Patil Center for Online Learning came up with MBA in Hospital Management online in India for aspirants planning for high-rise career in health systems with proficiency to procure success in the different healthcare environs.

  • We develop a deep understanding of how a healthcare industry functions, about various operations and departments in a hospital, and challenges that can be faced by the students after stepping in. They are also prepared for competently handling Hospital Finances, Operations, Marketing Procedures, Supply and Inventory, Human Resource, etc.


  • The curriculum of this 2-year postgraduate course here at the best hospital and healthcare management college in Pune, India is well-designed for a rapidly globalizing healthcare sector and guides students to skilfully tackle management related obstacles. Apart from theoretical and practical knowledge, students are embraced with copious managerial skills such as Planning, Organizing, Problem-Solving, and Decision-Making skills with specific relevance to the hospital industry that will enable them to take up top managerial positions in leading healthcare firms across the country.

  • Various concepts that are taught during the course of study at DY Patil Center for Online Learning, a top MBA in Hospital Management college in India comprises Fundamentals of Healthcare Administration, Medico-Legal Issues, Conflict Management, Healthcare Policies & Regulations, Hospital Enterprises Management, Quality Assurance, Healthcare Economics, Healthcare Legislation, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Operations Management, Management of Hospitals, Healthcare Planning, Administration of Hospital, Health Management, Hospital Safety & Risk Management, and many more.


  • After pursuing an MBA in Hospital Administration and Health Care Management, there are a plethora of job opportunities for graduates where they can apply the concepts and principles of healthcare and hospital management in the real world. The job roles available for an MBA graduate in this domain are Hospital Administrator, Medical Director, Healthcare Finance Manager, Business Manager, Blood Bank Administrator, Service Manager, Hospital Consultant, Planning Adviser, Health Administrator, Hospital Quality Assurance Executive, Chief Nursing Officer, Assistant Professor, Hospital Administrators, HR Recruiter, etc. Some of the top areas of employment for MBA in Hospital Administration and Health Care Management includes Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceutical Industries, Nursing Homes, Public Health Organizations and Departments, Healthcare Consulting, Blood Banks, Medical Laboratories, etc.

Semester III
Hospital Administration and Health Care Management

Course Code Course Title
OMBHA 301 Indoor and Outdoor Hospital Services
OMBHA 302 Ancillary Hospital Services
OMBHA 303 Legal Aspects of Hospital and Health Management
OMBHA 304 Marketing of Health Care Services
OMBHA 305 Community Health & Hospital Safety & Risk Management
OMBHA 306 Quality Management in Health Care Services
OMBE 307/308 Generic Elective-I

NOTE - For Generic Elective-I course (Course code- (OMBE 307/308))
             students can select any one of the following courses.

OMBE 307 - Digital Marketing
OMBE 308 - Business English

Semester IV
Hospital Administration and Health Care Management

 Course Code   Course Title
 OMBHA 401 Hospital Administration & Bio medical waste Management
 OMBHA 402 Operations Management in Hospitals
 OMBE 403/404 Generic Elective-II
 OMBP 405  Project Work Report

NOTE - For Generic Elective-II course (Course code- (OMBE 403/404))
             students can select any one of the following courses.

OMBE 403 - Soft Skill
OMBE 404 - Business Ethics and Corporate Governance