Starting A Career In Digital Marketing: Almost All The Information You Need

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Starting A Career In Digital Marketing: Almost All The Information You Need

2022-09-05 13:38:07

There is a misconception that tech companies solely employ programmers and developers. Are they necessary? Absolutely. But I can state with perfect sure that you may pursue a career in technology without understanding jQuery because I figured I'd never work for a tech business because, to be really honest, I haven't been able to connect my printer to my computer since 2003. (or Ruby on Rails or WordPress themes).

Digital marketing could be the ideal career for you if you're seeking for a creative position in technology that allows you to establish big-picture strategies, produce brilliant copy, and even spend some days interacting with fans on Instagram. We wrote a comprehensive guide to developing a career in digital marketing, one step at a time, for that reason. Read it, save it, and live it.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Let's start with the fundamentals before delving further.

The phrase "digital marketing" is used to refer to all online marketing techniques used by businesses to locate, develop, and target audiences with the intention of converting them into customers.

Digital marketing focuses on promoting and, presumably, selling a good or service, much like traditional marketing does. However, the proliferation of cell phones has changed the definition of marketing from "Let's just put up a billboard." Because of the evolution of consumers, marketing methods have changed. Digital marketing, which is frequently referred to as "conversational" marketing, focuses on how to reach potential customers where they spend their time online in highly targeted and relatable ways. That covers a variety of strategies, such as social media marketing, paid advertisements, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Typical Digital Marketing Positions + Salary

Although there is a position known as a "digital marketer," if you have a basic understanding of the field, there are a variety of additional professions you can investigate. Depending on their hobbies and skill level, the majority of online marketers develop into specialty categories. Therefore, whether you consider yourself to be a big-picture creative or a Type A techie, you can still discover the perfect digital marketing career for you. Here are a few examples of digital marketing positions you could pursue, along with the current average pay for each:

  • Content strategist ($72,742/year

  • Content marketing manager ($81,087/year

  • SEO specialist ($54,088

  • Social media manager ($50,489

  • Paid ads manager ($47,079

  • Digital marketing manager ($73,114

  • Partnership marketer ($50,528

  • Branded content manager ($64,367

  • Audience development manager ($77,646

A diverse set of job titles, yes, but for the most part they all require the same digital marketing skills. Once you’ve got those down, you can “specialize” in whatever area interests you most. So, let’s go over those next.

The Skills You Need to Get Hired as a Digital Marketer

We break down all the digital marketing skills in great detail curriculum), but here’s a high-level overview to give you a clear picture:


To move consumers from the "I don't know anything about this company or product" stage to "I'm all in," digital marketers must first learn how to "attract, engage, and please" (as the marketing platform Hubspot puts it(opens in a new tab)) them. This process entails employing methods (such as personas, user research, etc.) to better understand your customers and tactics for streamlining the sales process (via email marketing, retargeting, etc.).


To determine the effectiveness of their various efforts, digital marketers require figures. But more critically, companies require the ability to decipher such figures in order to modify their plans and start fresh campaigns. Most importantly, they must be able to communicate that information to team members who may not completely get the goal of digital marketing.


In order to reach new audiences, content marketers and content strategists specialise in leveraging captivating narrative. They accomplish this using blog posts, email, marketing, how-to guides and ebooks, as well as other forms of media including videos and podcasts.


Most of us use social media on a daily basis in some way. Social media marketing entails using a brand's social media networks strategically to advertise and market its goods. These tactics could range from paid commercials (which you've probably seen on Facebook and perhaps in your Instagram stories) to channel-specific giveaways to product promotion.


In order to raise brand awareness and generate new leads, businesses rely on traffic from search engines like Google (and, okay, Bing). Through the use of SEO, businesses may craft their written material to be as appealing to Google as possible. In general, greater content leads to higher search results, but there are many intricancies, which is why being a "SEO specialist" requires a full-time job. Here is a beginner's guide to SEO from Moz (opens in a new tab). A section on SEO is also included in our course on digital marketing.


Another catch-all phrase for purchasing media placements on many channels to market your goods is "paid advertisements." This includes display ads in addition to social media ads (such as the sponsored posts you see in your Instagram feed) (like the ones you see at the top of search results in Google).


It also helps digital marketers to acquire some tech skills as well, especially since many digital marketing campaigns require working with a web development team. Some great supplemare ental skills to consider: HTML & CSS , basic design principles and UX/UI, and photo editing basics.

             How to Find a Digital Marketing Job

1. Check out job boards for digital marketing

The majority of job sites list roles in digital marketing, but a few are expressly for digital marketers. Here are a few of the ones we listed in our piece on the top job descriptions for beginning digital marketers:

2. Prepare an elevator pitch.

How do you persuade others that you can sell their things if you can't sell yourself? Prepare and practice your personal pitch before you attend a job interview.

3. Always send your Portfolio

When applying, provide more than just a cover letter and résumé; include a portfolio of your work. The show, don't tell is a core principle of digital marketing, and you should apply this philosophy to your job applications as well. Here are some stunning portfolio site examples for every tech job title in case you haven't yet put up yours.

4. However, cover letters and resumes are equally important.

Indeed, even for technical jobs. What would be the best course of action? Make sure you write unique cover letters for each job, highlighting your qualifications and how they exactly match the role that is offered. Additionally, investigate the companies that most interest you before adding some specific marketing suggestions to your cover letter and/or CV. Also, avoid sending out bulk applications everywhere.

5. Use some of these common phrases.


  • Why do you enjoy following certain brands on social media?
  • What are the best ways to stay current with marketing trends?
  • What would you say our audience is like?
  • What could we improve upon?
  • We're thinking about redesigning our website. Where do we begin?
  • Where do you believe we have the best chance to grow?


You should use all of these recommendations to begin preparing for a move into digital marketing. Download our Digital Marketing: a Beginner's Guide below if you haven't already. For more details on the essential competencies, digital marketers require, see our Digital Marketing Blueprint.

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