Dream Placement at Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth’s Center for Online Learning

Dream Placement at Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth’s Center for Online Learning

Dream Placement at Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth’s Center for Online Learning

2022-08-18 06:02:15

Whether you seek after a MBA in Digital Marketing or Human Resources, the end situations frequently are a fundamental part of the program.

With the charge sum you put into the course; arrangements will quite often guarantee the ROI on the equivalent.

Each MBA understudy tries to land into his amazing position, and that is precisely exact thing situations help to accomplish.

Alongside the foundation and the grounds life given by a business college, positions are much of the time the issue of the school.

The sort of temporary positions and the enlistment help given by the business college impact their validity and give a lift to their general positioning.

Thinking to the worldwide shift towards the web-based mode, seeking after your MBA and landing your hotly anticipated position has turned into a cakewalk.

Presently, it is simpler than any time in recent memory to have your fantasy arrangement and use it as a gas pedal for your vocation.

Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth-Center for Online Learning (DPU-COL) is one such organization known to give the best situations to all its qualified understudies and act as an impetus to propel their calling.

We should find how the establishment can change your expert development.


Legacy of Dr. D. Y. Patil Online University

Established under the direction of the amazing Dr. D. Y. Patil, this establishment has tremendous involvement with giving the top tier educational program to every one of its understudies.

With first rate workforce and course structures, you can design your advanced education at this authorize college.

Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth-Center for Online Learning (DPU-COL) is laid out under the lead of Dr. D. Y. Patil University to work dedicatedly towards the necessities of today.

It offers uncommon internet based courses, including MBA programs that work with distance learning.

The whole educational plan and content are intended to set up the understudies for turning into the heads of tomorrow.

This large number of scholastic designs help in getting great arrangements after the degree.

Online MBA Program - Overview

Supported by UGC and numerous different associations, including NAAC, DPU-COL gives compelling internet based MBA programs.

These 2-year long post graduations engage understudies and working experts to upskill themselves.

DPU-COL's web-based MBA is an independent advancing course. With live and pre-recorded addresses, understudies can stay aware of their investigations from any area of the planet.

The whole happy is intended to give a more profound perspective on complex subjects and ideas. This is supported by live industry tasks to acquire openness.

The foundation offers various specializations relying upon the various requirements of the understudies.

This has likewise assisted experts go on with their ongoing position and gain advanced education to get better possibilities later on.

The most sought-after MBA courses presented by the school include:

International Business Management

Chasing after a double year MBA in International Business Management grants information in understudies on essential subjects, including IT for Managers, Security Analysis, and Portfolio Management.

Moreover, the course likewise involves temporary jobs, industry visits, and studios.

Marketing Management

Dr. D. Y. Patil Center for Online Learning offers a powerful MBA in the main space of the present time — advertising.

Alongside the center investigations of Advertising, Sales, and Brand Management, the course additionally underlines delicate abilities like correspondence and examination.

Finance Management

DPU-COL has uniquely planned its MBA course in Financial Management for the understudies to comprehend the area and take advantage of it later on.

With subjects like Insurance and Risk Management, Banking, and Taxation, it is a go-to course to turn into an industry master.

Hospital and Healthcare Management

This postgraduate certificate is arranged to put understudies in the always developing medical care area. It couples center subject information with first rate administration abilities to draw out the best outcomes.

DPU-COL makes a point to give you a fair report with equivalent openness to both hypothetical and viable viewpoints.

Human Resource Management

Getting an expert's ready to go organization in HR is the following huge move toward the business. It shows the subtleties of employing individuals in any association and how to best oversee them.

Dr. D. Y. Patil University Center for Online Learning ensures that you are furnished with the best help to learn and fill in the space.
Project Management

Need to oversee ventures and lead them towards the ideal outcomes?

DPU-COL has got you covered!

The establishment has encountered personnel with rich openness to assist you with understanding the subtleties of venture the executives and the assets associated with doing as such.

Operations Management

Whether it is the coordinated operations or the administration of merchants, this MBA degree ensures you succeed in reality.

The extreme preparation you go through during these 2 years sets you up well for the fate of activities the board in enormous firms.

IT Management

Data Technology is a developing field and having a committed MBA in the space seems like the following consistent step.

Figure out how equipment, programming, and information are overseen in the corporate world with a particular MBA at DPU-COL.

Placement Drive at Dr. D. Y. Patil University Center of Learning

The arrangement drive at DPU-COL is devoted to bringing the best outcome that every understudy merits.

The foundation gets laid out organizations and gives fantastic temporary positions, hands on preparing, and situation open doors.

With in excess of 50 global and public ventures enrolling in the business college, Dr. D. Y. Patil University Center of Learning has left an imprint in the business by setting its understudies consistently.

With organizations like Bajaj Capital, Kotak Bank, Fleet Ocean Maritime Academy, AU Small Finance Bank, American Express, and that's just the beginning, you can have confidence of being in safe hands.

Student Success Stories

Numerous understudies of DPU-COL have effectively changed their lives with the coordinated MBA programs presented by the school.

One such understudy was Pooja, who sought after her web-based MBA at Dr. D. Y. Patil University Center of Learning.

Beforehand filling in as a leader at a product organization, she chose to break the boundaries and push forward.

She says — "DPU-COL's internet based MBA course extended my viewpoint and give my ability a sharp edge. Today, I feel enabled and certain at the situation I have packed away."

One more internet based MBA understudy, Sejal saw her abilities develop in the wake of getting into DPU-COL's broad program. "The a-list online MBA program empowered me to study without surrendering my present place of employment. Past glad to go with the ideal decision for me and land my amazing position!" she adds.

DPU-COL’s Online MBA Wave to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Dr. D. Y. Patil University Center of Learning (DPU-COL) has become well known in the previous years by conveying successes.

Being the top sprinter in all viewpoints, including framework, course conveyance, and arrangements, DPU-COL has unquestionably driven the way.

Be a piece of this change and apply for your MBA program today. Associate with know more!

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